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"She is curvy in the right places with some nice natural tits. We did some nice DFK's and I began to suck her tiny and responsive little nipples. Excusing myself to the bathroom briefly, I returned to find her in panties on the bed. Those came off immediately as I tongued her clit just for about a minute. She told me to lay back and get comfortable, which I did.
She then proceeded to work my bare cock with that sweet mouth in world class fashion. Her blow job skills are unparalleled as she gently caressed my cock, deep throated about 75% of me that she could fit and showed me that perfect smile in between. She has utterly perfect teeth. Elliot throws in a lot of effective hand work as well. We rubbed my bare cock all over her pretty face between attempts to swallow me whole. The conversation progressed into talking about some of the stuff she had done and what she likes. A blow job is one of her favorites. Then, what I like . . . well, I said... Certainly this blow job, then cum in your mouth and on your face. And ....
I asked, "is your pussy wet?" She said that it was so I said: "then you might want to slide that right on to me and catch me."
And in a sexy motion, she pulled my bare cock out of her throat, brought up her hips and wrapped my throbbing cock with her slippery, warm pussy, gyrating up and down and thrusting forward so well I almost filled her up there. Instead I pulled out, caught my breath and then stuck my cock back in that waiting, wet pussy. This went on for a while until I got to a point where I could hold out without cumming immediately. Being inside her wet pussy was exhilarating and hard to hold back. I pounded her from underneath and she exclaimed she was going to cum. Having expended her orgasm, she got tighter and wanted to be flipped over.
So, on to her back and I fucked her rapidly and deeply for a while. I drained my balls into her and watched the her moan. 
We cleaned up, I showered and we chatted for a bit and promised to get together and do it again. I'm so glad she live in West Hollywood. . I will be back many times. 

"She quickly was naked and started working my cock deep down her throat as I played with her pussy. After a bit she rolled a condom on and said hit it from the back. I of course did for some time, she had a good time as I have a PA she said it kept hitting her G-spot and said let me turn over she did and I fucked her to an orgasm! I continued and she told me to fuck her hard ... I did and it was amazing! I will definitely see her again! We had an amazing time from start to finish. She is a great provider and I will definitely be seeing her again! Totally gfe.."

"Elliot was dressed in a sexy lace outfit that was skin tight, I was immediately excited that all the pictures were real and she was very friendly and inviting. We got business out of the way and talked a little to get to know one another. Once again a very friendly girl. We got comfortable and she started exploring my body and let me just bask in her sexiness as she kissed me all over and deep-tongued me --oh baby... I came almost just from her kissing me. She then started a bbbj that I will never forget as it was the best I've had.
She spent some time making sure my guys were taken care of and I asked her if  I could DATY. I stayed there for a while, she seemed to have a good time during this and I definitely enjoyed it. Started in mish which lasted a little while and then we moved on to lazy dog and finished up in doggy. When I got close she took off the cover and started taking care of my little guy until i finished in her mouth and she swallowed all of it.... EVERY DROP .
She is a 10/10 in looks and as a provider and I highly recommend her. Photos are her and best ever!"

"This Girl is unbelievable. She opened the door in a robe. I couldn't wait to see that fine ass and what an ass. She rubbed my nooner and then bareback. Once she had me hard was on top for cg, then missionary to doggie. I had to take a breather and this chick won't stop. Started to give one hell of a hj to bbbj, back to hj, to bbbj. I asked if she needed to take a break and she said no. After all that attention I couldn't hold back and finally blew. She swallowed every drop.. Yea baby! Elliot flat wore me out. Hell I was still tired about an hour later. You better give her a call. Pics are her and she is one fine looking girl and tight ass pussy."

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She lubed up her boobs and gave me a wonderful Russian massage with alot of eye contact and then back to sucking on me. I switched with her and started at the top with more dfk and plenty of attention to her boobs and nipples which she appreciated very much and then down to her sweet pussy. This lady certainly enjoys daty along with a little dato. She must have come at least twice perhaps three times. I finished her up doggy and boy Elliot has a nice butt.
Elliot is exceptional in the two most important ways. First, she is extremely skilled AND sensual, enthusiastic and dedicated to your pleasure. Secondly, she is young, sweet and smart, sincere, and works hard to find what it is you desire. Then she does it with great focus! I recommend her very sincerely."

I Want To Undress You, Touch You, Kiss You, Taste You. I Want You Hard And Hot And Deep And Fast. And Then I Want You Slow And Sweet.
I Want You Under Me And On Top Of Me And Sitting And Standing.
I Want To See Your Eyes When Pleasure Makes You Light Up. I Want To Hold You When You Come Down And Try To Find Your Breathe.
I Want Everything With You......